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Subject: Charlie Daniels: Where are we Going?


Where are we Going?
by Charlie Daniels

        What does it mean when you lay your hand on the Holy Bible and swear to
tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Evidently to Bill
Clinton it doesn't mean very much.  And even more appalling, it doesn't
seem to bother the major percentage of the population of this nation.

        Have we sunk so low that we don't mind having a liar as our president? It
appears so. I have come to the conclusion that Bill Clinton is a symptom
rather than a cause. In other words he reflects the morals of this nation.

        We have become a nation who gives up morality for prosperity, decency for
expediency and honesty for anything that profits us. We are a nation who
condones the murder of innocent unborn babies.

        We are a nation who tolerates downright filth in the name of freedom of
expression. We are a nation who turns a blind eye to a vilest of crimes if
the perpetrator can afford a dream team to defend them.

        We allow the rankest trash to ooze out of our television sets to promote
the impressionable minds of a generation already denied any moral guidance
in the dangerous schools they attend.

        We allow ghettos and neighborhoods where the mean streets are ruled by
gangs and the local drug dealer drives the biggest cars and wears the
fanciest clothes. The talking heads on the television trash honest men like
Pat Roberson while defending the irresponsible sins of an adulterous,
perjuring president.

        The Clinton apologists talk about what a great president he has been. What
has he done?

        He's raised taxes, he's voted against the bill that would ban partial
birth abortion, he's allowed Saddam Hussein to run all over him, he seems
determined to give over the sovereignty of this nation over to the United
Nations, his administration had been inundated with scandal since his first
inauguration, he's looked straight into a television camera and lied to the
American people, he's lied under oath, he's seduced a government employee
in the work place.

        He's had minions go out in public and defend the lies he told just to be
betrayed when he was finally forced into telling the truth. Is this the
best that we can do?

        What road are we going down when the majority of this country approves of
such a man? I know that there are a lot of decent hard working people out
there who do not condone the immorality of this man.

        I know they are extremely upset about what's going on in America, and I
pray to Almighty God that for the sake of these people that He will raise
up a leader who will help put America's feet on the paths of righteousness.
What Do You Think?

God Bless America,
Charlie Daniels

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