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> In his State of the Union speech, Clinton said there would be 'no turning
>  back' from globalization, calling it 'the central reality of our time.'

    He's shoving it into our face, and gloating.  But I'm
    afraid he's right.  Economic integration is coming, and
    coming fast.  Cultural integration is on the way, too,
    with kids all over the world wearing their hats on backward,
    mouthing the same lingo, conforming to all the same
    themes of political correctness.  Economic integration
    will create even more powerful global corporations who will
    want to fuel their power growth through political integration,
    the part of it that really scares me.  *They* will figure out
    ways to keep all of us well-fed and happy, but unarmed
    and unfree.  Utopia at last.  Welcome to Animal Farm.

    And if you say you don't like it, you're likely to be
    put on a list of suspects.

    Democrats KMA  Republicans KMA


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