Hey PapaPaul whatsis?

Lao Wei CheZhang at AOL.COM
Sat Jan 29 18:46:31 MST 2000

In a message dated 01/29/2000 10:04:08 AM Pacific Standard Time,
bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM writes:

> Hey PapaPaul, I suppose I missed something a while
>  back, but what is with all the Chinesey stuff, (i.e.,
>  Lao Wei <CheZhang at AOL.COM>)?
>  Just a curious girl, Pam

        Hi, Curious
        Just nicknames picked up in
        Air Force language school.  CheZhang
        means Tank Commander (a result of
        dangerous driving habits).   Lao Wei
        means "Old Wei" ("Wei" being the
        Chinese rendering of my surname.)

Beware The Utopians -- Lao Wei

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