Does National Health Equal Socialism?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sun Jan 30 00:28:40 MST 2000

As it stands now, health programs vary from state to state, but the
Democrats appear to be paying a lot of attention on a national health
care program for those who can't afford health care, with a great
emphasis on old, older and oldest.  Occasionally when questioned, the
candidates say their for the single mother who can't afford to provide
her child a decent medical program.  Humans are the only individuals who
seem to want to look out for those who are not as well off.  I don't
think humans could compete if they were on the level of the animal
kingdom.  For the most part, in the animal kingdom, it's the survival of
the fittest.  Just because we have a higher order brain, we feel it's
necessary to provide food to nations who can't survive in their current
environment, whether it be because of over population or their inability
to adjust to their echo system.  I personally don't feel it's time for
the US to turn socialist and pay hard earned tax dollars to provide
health care for those who didn't earn it.  Of course, that's just my


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