Teknolidgee Am A Wunnerful Thang......

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jan 31 23:40:05 MST 2000

>From Dale Gray's Space Frontier Status Report, 21Jan2000:
http://www.cortesi.com/frontier/ NavLynx:

        Car thieves stole the wrong car last week when they drove away in a
Chrysler Intrepid from a Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario Thrifty car rental
agency.  When the car was found to be
stolen, Thrifty contacted NavLynx Technology which had installed a GPS /
cellular anti theft system. Though the system, the three teenagers in the
car were informed that they were driving the car illegally and to pull
over. The thieves threw the car phone out the window and accelerated up to
160 km/hr (about 85mph) trying to elude police, but they were already

        NavLynx vice-president Frank Bunn, who was tracking the car using GPS
technology informed the police of its position. He then waited until the
car was stopped at an intersection and disabled the car remotely. The
system is also capable of raising windows and locking doors. The youth were
arrested immediately thereafter. The rental car agency is part of a NavLynx
pilot project.  NavLynx is based out of Toronto (Toronto Star Peel).

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