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Subject: [bonehead] 31-Jan-00 Bonehead Of The Day Award

This is today's installment of
the Bonehead-Of-The-Day award by Jerry Lerman.
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David ''Extremist'' Philips saw gold in the Healthy Choice frequent flier
deal.  The promo gave 500 frequent flier miles for every 10 UPC product
codes mailed in.  Double that if mailed in by May 31st.

Philips found these little 25-cent puddings, each complete with a UPC
symbol.  He quickly realized he could buy 100 free miles for 25 cents.  So
he withdrew $3,000 from the family savings account and bought $3,140 worth
of pudding, or 12,000 cups.  His wife was not amused he said when he came
home with the 12,000 cups. He amassed this quantity by buying all the
pudding he could from every store he could find, by the car full.  It took
him and his wife three weeks to peel the UPC symbols.  Being able to do
400/hour meant he was getting 24,000 miles/hour.

Being an obviously resourceful man, he struck a deal with the Salvation
Army.  They could have any pudding for which they peeled off the UPC label.
The pudding was now also a tax deduction.

Then came the day when he received 1.25 million miles in frequent flier
coupons from Healthy Choice worth $25,000 for an investment of $3,140.

We guess it was worth pudding in the effort.

Sacramento Bee 25-Jan-00

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