Two in two days

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You are absolutely right. And both mothers should be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law if all allegations are true. Were they birth mothers or
foster mothers?

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>Subject: Two in two days
>Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:06:59 -0700
>Two babies have drowned in the Phoenix area in just two days.  The first
>was on Wednesday when a woman in Peoria left her baby in the tub while she
>went outside to talk to a friend.  She was gone only a few minutes, but
>long enough.  By the time she thought to check on her baby; the baby was
>dead.  She called 911 and the EMS people and the cops showed up.  The
>paramedics took the baby to the hospital where the baby was confirmed
>The police investagated and found that she had left her baby unattended in
>the tub so they arrested her for child neglect/abuse.
>I learned about this one Thursday morning listening to the radio on the
>way to work.  This morning (Friday) I heard about another one.  The second
>woman lives in Phoenix and left her daughter, a victim of Down Syndrome
>alone in the tub while she went outside to check her mail.  Of course she
>stayed out there long enough to read it.  By the time she thought to go
>back inside to check her baby, the little girl was dead.  This second,
>worthless mother was also arrested and charged with child abuse.
>The sad thing about this is that if these worthless excuses for human
>beings had decided to have their babies killed before they were born; it
>would be perfectly legal.

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