National Gun Owners Action Survey

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Sun Oct 1 20:59:59 MDT 2000

Guns are the first sign of trust.  People without them can trust no
government?  CWSIV

National Gun Owners Action Survey from the NRA:

1.  Do you agree that the Second Amendment to our United States
Constitution guarantees your individual right to own a gun and that
the Second Amendment is just as important as your other Constitutional
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

2.  Do you think the government should be allowed to store personal
information on you just because you are a gun owner?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

3.  Do you think the government should have the power to limit the number
of guns you can own?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

4.  Do you think Congress should ban guns based on their appearance?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

5.  Using your tax dollars, the United Nations is preparing a plan to
impose international gun control affecting you and other
American citizens. Do you think this is a good use of your tax dollars?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

6.  Do you support the passage of a law which would mandate the use of
"trigger locks" and hold gun owners criminally responsible if
their gun is used in a crime, even if the gun is stolen?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

7.  Do you agree with certain government officials who want to ban
hunting on public lands?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

8.  Do you agree with the NRA that so-called "animal rights" extremists
who unlawfully interfere with hunting should be prosecuted
like other criminals?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

9.  Do you think law-abiding gun owners like yourself are in any way
responsible for the actions of murderers and robbers who use
guns to commit their crimes?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

10.  Do you think our criminal justice system has done a good job in
keeping repeat violent offender out of our communities and off
our streets?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

11.  If law-abiding citizens were forced to give up their guns to the
government, do you think crime rates in your community would
go up, go down, or stay about the same?

12.  As a gun owner, do you think you have been treated fairly by the
national media when it comes to crime and firearms issues?
   YES      NO      NO OPINION

13.  Will you authorize the NRA to use your Survey answers in our
compiled results to be released to Congress and Clinton
administration officials?
   YES      NO

14.  Will you join the NRA today?
   YES      NO

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