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Oppose Internet Censorship Oppose Internet Censorship: With only a few
weeks before Congress adjourns, Sen.  John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep.  Ernest
Istook (R-OK) have begun a last minute push to censor the Internet.  The
two are sponsoring an amendment to a spending bill that would require
public schools and libraries that receive federal funding for Internet
access to install Internet blocking software.

Blocking software is notoriously clumsy and inevitably restricts access
to valuable, protected speech.  For example, blocking programs have
blocked access to non-controversial web sites on "mars exploration"
simply because the letters "s-e-x" appear consecutively in the document.
Furthermore, the McCain-Istook amendment would also regulate the use of
the Internet by adults, who, in many libraries, would have to explain
what they plan to view to a librarian in order to have a site unblocked.

Take Action!  You can read more about this legislation and send a FREE
FAX to your Senators and President Clinton, asking that they help
preserve free speech on the Internet and oppose this amendment from our
action alert at:


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