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Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Tue Oct 3 22:16:34 MDT 2000

If you listened to some of the post debate comments, you'd swear that
Gore was the master debater for the evening.  Personally I felt he was
always on the defensive, that Bush counter-punched often and well.
Gore's answers were too pat and he continued to state that if elected he
would be for the working class.  But me thinks that the working class did
not include the rich in his mind.  He constantly argued that Bush's
economic plan would be only for the rich, when in fact Bush has stated
many times that anyone who pays taxes would find relief.  Gore was right
when he spoke about this nation coming to an important cross-roads, and
that is to elect Bush president and end this criminal element called the
Clinton-Gore era.  Bush must win and depose Janet Reno from her throne.
Reno has done more to obstruct justice than any Attorney General before
her.  It is a time for change to the Presidency and the chokehold it's
had on the Congress and the passing of needed legislation.

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