First Debate Comments

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Wed Oct 4 11:51:17 MDT 2000

I watched the majority of the debate and in my opinion Gore got the better
of Bush.  I kept telling my wife what Bush's response should be, but to my
disappointment said none of it.  He was unable to counteract the
demagoguery of Gore.

On the question of character the suitable response might have been:
"Character is important because I can stand before you and say anything, I
can promise you anything, I can lie through my teeth.  In fact,
politicians have a reputation for distorting the truth, for being liars,
for promising things they cannot possibly deliver.  Character counts
because it is the only 'proof' that my words are not false.  Character
counts because actions reveal true motives and desires.  And when one is
asking for the trust of the people and pursuing a position of power,
character better weigh heavily on the people's decision."

On Social Security: "The tragedy is Social Security Trust Fund is empty.
For as long as Mr. Gore has been in politics, the Social Security surplus
as been spent year after year.  In its place are treasury bonds.  While
this appears to be a fund, the only way to pay back those treasury bonds
will be by collecting taxes in the future when they come due.  It is a
future tax bill in the making, a very big bill indeed.  The tragedy is if
this money was kept in a legitimate pension fund all along, we would not
need to further burden our children.  Yet year after year both Democrats
and Republicans used the surplus to fund their pork barrel spending and
make the deficit look smaller than it is."

"And the impact of this type of tax is most devastating to the poor.  It
is the most regressive form of tax, paid mostly by lower incomes.  How can
an advocate for the poor tolerate such a burden on our needy for all of
these years? I do not know.  And during Al Gore's many years in Washington
he has done little, but to raise this regressive tax to over 15% and spend
the surplus."

The above are examples of what I wanted to see from Bush.

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