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>From what I saw of him, his face contained a badly-hidden sneer or smirk
while he reeled out the tired, old spin.

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>From: Richard A Whitenight <rum.runner at JUNO.COM>
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>Subject: Post Debate Comments
>Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 23:16:34 -0500
>If you listened to some of the post debate comments, you'd swear that
>Gore was the master debater for the evening.  Personally I felt he was
>always on the defensive, that Bush counter-punched often and well.
>Gore's answers were too pat and he continued to state that if elected he
>would be for the working class.  But me thinks that the working class did
>not include the rich in his mind.  He constantly argued that Bush's
>economic plan would be only for the rich, when in fact Bush has stated
>many times that anyone who pays taxes would find relief.  Gore was right
>when he spoke about this nation coming to an important cross-roads, and
>that is to elect Bush president and end this criminal element called the
>Clinton-Gore era.  Bush must win and depose Janet Reno from her throne.
>Reno has done more to obstruct justice than any Attorney General before
>her.  It is a time for change to the Presidency and the chokehold it's
>had on the Congress and the passing of needed legislation.
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