Gore's Faux Pas

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Oct 4 19:41:12 MDT 2000

>If you haven't heard by now, Gore made an off hand remark letting
>slip, that the poor woman that has to pick up cans to pay for her
>drugs, had to come across the country for the debates in her
>Winnebago. Apparently what Gore doesn't know is that a Winnebago is a
>$100,000 RV that gets about 7 MPG. Gas, parking fees, sanitary
>disposal fees and tolls probably cost near $500 one way.

I heard that, too.  Made me wonder.  But my guess is that few will pay any
attention to it.  My wife and I both asked each other how many cans one
would have to pick up to buy a Winnebago.

Stephen Frye

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