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Rob Loach deloges at JUNO.COM
Wed Oct 4 20:27:01 MDT 2000

To me, the most alarming thing in Tuesday night's debate was AlG's open
comments on his view of the American Constitution. He said that he would
nominate only Supreme Court justices who believe that the Constitution is
a growing/evolving document that must be interpreted in light of our
current society. To this current administration (and to
who-knows-how-many in the legislative branch), the Constitution amounts
to little more than toilet paper. God pity our nation if Gore becomes our
president and has the opportunity to appoint the kind of justices that he
wants to appoint!

I don't know if any of W's people read what goes through on this list or
if any of you on RUSHTALK have any kind of access to Bush's advisors, but
I would love to see W hammer on this continually and not let it die. Of
all of Gore's many evils, I think that this is one of the most insidious!
I really do believe that the America that our founding fathers envisioned
and that people have fought and died for is on the verge of extinction.

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