Global Push For Taxes

John blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Oct 5 20:15:14 MDT 2000

Help Stop a Global Tax Hike

TO: All Conservatives
FROM: Ed Feulner, President The Heritage Foundation
SUBJECT: The Foreign Effort to Raise Your Taxes

Last month, I told you about the never-ending audit of The Heritage
Foundation by the IRS. I was outraged at what they had done.

Today, I must tell you that I am dumbfounded at what some foreign
politicians -- with the help of the Clinton Administration -- are trying to

In America, we hold it as self-evident that we the people decide what kind
of tax policies we live under. We all were taught from a very early age
that taxation without representation was a key motivation behind the
Revolutionary War.

Yet, if some unelected bureaucrats in Paris get their way, sovereign
nations would be unable to determine their own tax laws. These bureaucrats
would like to interfere with America's ability to cut taxes and would even
like to see your taxes increase.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have launched a
major assault on what they call "harmful tax competition." (This is so hard
to believe you need to click here to read it from the OECD itself.

In the minds of the OECD, it is unfair for low-tax nations to attract jobs
and capital investment from those that soak their citizens in taxes. If an
overtaxed but ambitious Canadian moves to the United States, that would be

Incredibly, the Clinton Administration apparently believes Americans are
undertaxed and should be more like the French. Treasury Secretary Larry
Summers has spoken favorably of the OECD's effort when he talked about "the
need to address globally the problem of harmful tax competition."

Worse yet, the OECD plan would let foreign tax collectors rummage through
US bank accounts.

Politicians everywhere dislike tax competition that lowers taxes and means
they have less to spend on wasteful government spending and income

Heritage's Dan Mitchell has examined this issue in detail, and I encourage
you to read it right here

The Heritage Foundation needs your help to stand up to the OECD and Clinton
Administration's efforts to turn America into a high-tax zone.

"I call the present system "Post-Constitutional America."
As I sometimes put it, the U.S. Constitution poses no serious
threat to our form of government."

  --Joseph Sobran
How Tyranny Came To America

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