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        Chuck Baldwin's Food for thought from the Chuck Wagon
                          August 18, 2000

          Without  a doubt, this is the most uninteresting  elec-
     tion  year  I can ever recall.  The interest level  of  this
     campaign  is lower than low; it is in the pits! Think  about
     it: how many private yards do you observe to have  political
     signs on them? Not many.  How many "Vote for Bush" or  "Vote
     for  Gore" bumper stickers do you see? Not many.   How  many
     people even bothered to watch the national political conven-
     tions? Not many.  Its a boring campaign, to be sure.

          This obvious lack of interest is not because the  vari-
     ous candidates are not working hard.  Nothing has changed in
     that department.  We are inundated with campaign commercials
     and  advertisements.   Campaign signs  cover  every  highway
     intersection.   Political  propaganda is  as  ubiquitous  as

          The  problem  is, people are just not  interested.   As
     anyone  can  see, the general election  this  November  will
     generate  the  lowest percentage voter turnout  in  history.
     The  question is, why this indifference? There  are  several

          For  one thing, the presidential candidates  themselves
     are uninspiring.  Neither Bush nor Gore possesses charismat-
     ic qualities.  They are about as exciting as watching  grass
     grow.   Plus,  neither candidate has "turned on"  his  base.
     Gore is trying to both define himself and, at the same time,
     distance himself from Clinton (not an easy job).

          Many union members tell me they are not voting for Gore
     because  of his support for NAFTA, GATT, the WTO  and  trade
     deals  with  China.  Many of the  leftist  special  interest
     groups  (which  comprise the base of the  Democratic  Party)
     believe  Gore to be all talk and no action on many of  their
     issues.   Polling data suggests that Gore cannot  even  take
     his  own home state of Tennessee for granted.  Thats  pretty

          Bush,  on  the other hand, is riding the wave  of  "hes
     better  than Gore" to the White House.  The truth  is,  most
     people  are  not voting for Bush; they  are  voting  against
     Gore.  That hardly makes for an enthusiastic campaign.  Con-
     servatives (which comprise the base of the Republican Party)
     are breathing a temporary sigh of relief because Bush picked
     pro-life  Dick  Cheney as his running mate.   However,  many
     will  be  holding  their collective  breath  throughout  his
     administration,  as it is yet uncertain how committed  Dubya
     will  be to the conservative agenda.  Building a "big  tent"
     might  sound  good  to CEOs and media moguls,  but  it  does
     nothing to inspire grass roots laborers.

          Also, there is the feeling that on many issues there is
     little  substantive difference between the  two  candidates.
     Their  speeches  are eerily similar.  They both  talk  about
     saving  Social Security and improving education.  They  both
     appear  to  be more interested in  appeasing  big  corporate
     donors  than aggressively pursuing policies that  will  turn
     the country around.

          The key distinction in this race is only one: Gore  has
     the  Clinton  stain  on him.   That's  it.   That's  enough.
     Clinton  fatigue  will give Bush the  presidency.   It  will
     probably keep the Republicans in charge of both chambers  of
     congress, which leads to another question: what will  Repub-
     licans  do after they assume control of the  entire  govern-
     ment? Probably not much, and thats what people are nervously
     and quietly anticipating.

          If  that's true, one can only hope that it is the  calm
     before the storm, a storm of grass roots activism that  will
     take  the  course  of the country out of the  hands  of  the
     political parties and put it back in the hands of the people
     where it belongs.  Well, one can hope.


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