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     DATE:?09/29/2000, 11:50 PM

     September 29, 2000

     In this issue:

      1.  Norton AntiVirus 2001 is now available
      2.  What is the W32.HLLW.Qaz.A virus?
      3.  W32.FunLove.4099
      4.  W95.MTX
      5.  How to use Scan and Deliver
      6.  Does  LiveUpdate  fail to detect the  Norton  AntiVirus
      7.  Feedback


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      1.  Norton AntiVirus 2001 is now available

          Norton  AntiVirus  2001  became  available  for  retail
          purchase on September 6, 2000.  This version of  Norton
          AntiVirus  will run on Windows 95/98/2000/NT,  and  the
          newest  Microsoft operating system, Windows  Millennium
          Edition.   The  new features of  this  program  include
          Smart Scan and Automatic LiveUpdate.

          In the past, AntiVirus programs only scanned executable
          files.   However,  virus writers discovered  that  they
          could  rename  certain infected files to  escape  virus
          detection.  In response, Norton AntiVirus began to scan
          all  files by default, rather than just program  files.
          The  problem  with this new strategy is  that  scanning
          all files required more computer resources and could at
          times  slow   down other applications.  Smart  Scan  is
          designed  to  first scan all files to see if  they  are
          capable  of being infected with a virus.   Then,  Smart
          Scan scans only those files that are capable of  carry-
          ing   a virus infection.  In this manner  Norton  Anti-
          Virus  2001 offers the same level of  virus  protection
          and uses less computer resources.  For more information
          on Smart Scan, point your browser to:

          Automatic LiveUpdate enables you to update virus  defi-
          nitions automatically, without interrupting your  work.
          With Automatic LiveUpdate enabled, when you connect  to
          the  Internet,  Automatic  LiveUpdate  waits  for  five
          minutes and then checks to see whether a virus  defini-
          tion update is available.  If there are no virus  defi-
          nitions  available  and  you remain  connected  to  the
          Internet,  Automatic  LiveUpdate checks  for  available
          virus  definitions at four-hour  intervals  thereafter.
          It is important to know that this feature only  updates
          virus  definitions  and  does not  download  and  apply
          program  updates.   Future SupportNow!  News  Bulletins
          will  include alerts to download program updates.   For
          more information about Automatic LiveUpdate, point your
          browser to:

          What is Automatic LiveUpdate, and how do you enable  or
          disable it?


      2.    What is the W32.HLLW.Qaz.A virus?

          The W32.HLLW.Qaz.A virus, also known as Qaz.Trojan  and
          Qaz.Worm, is currently the second most submitted  virus
          to  the  Symantec AntiVirus  Research  Center.   Norton
          AntiVirus  has protected against this virus since  July
          18, 2000.  Because W32.HLLW.Qaz.A can spread over  net-
          works by using shared folders and enable a remote  user
          to  connect to and control the computer, Symantec  sug-
          gests  only  sharing folders with read-only  access  or
          using  password  protection.  For more  information  on
          this  virus, including instructions on how  to  protect
          your shared folders, point your browser to:

      3.  W32.FunLove.4099

          W32.FunLove.4099  is  a  virus  that  replicates  under
          Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.  It infects programs that
          have  .exe, .scr, or .ocx extensions.  What is  notable
          about  this  virus is that it uses a new   strategy  to
          attack  the  Windows NT file security  system,  and  it
          runsas  a service on Windows NT systems.  NAV  has  de-
          tected this virus since November 11,1999.  For complete
          information about W32.FunLove.4099, point your  browser


      4.    W95.MTX

          The  W95.MTX  virus has not been widely spread  in  the
          Untited  States;  most of the infections have  been  in
          Europe  and Asia.  This virus, however, does  have  the
          potential to spread quickly.  This virus infects  Wind-

          ows  program  files,  such as  Explorer.exe.   If  this
          happens,  Windows may no longer run.  This  virus  also
          has the capability of blocking your Internet connection
          to the Web sites of antivirus vendors such as Symantec.
          NAV  has detected this virus since September  5,  2000.
          For  complete  information  about  W95.MTX  point  your
          browser to:


      5.  How to use Scan and Deliver

          One method that The Symantec AntiVirus Research  Center
          (SARC) uses to learn quickly about viruses is  customer
          virus  submissions.   If you suspect that  you  have  a
          virus  that Norton AntiVirus is not detecting, you  can
          use Scan and Deliver to submit a virus sample to  SARC.
          After  SARC receives the sample, antivirus  programmers
          examine  the  sample for infection and  notify  you  by
          email  of  the results.  If your computer  is  infected
          with a new virus that the current set of virus  defini-
          tions does not detect, SARC emails you a special set of
          virus  definitions for this virus infection.  There  is
          no  charge for this service, but you must  connect  the
          computer to the Internet in order to use it.  For  more
          information  about how to use Scan and  Deliver,  point
          your browser to:


      6.  Does  LiveUpdate  fail to detect the  Norton  AntiVirus

          There was a recent program update that upgraded LiveUp-
          date  from  version 1.5 to 1.6.  While  LiveUpdate  1.5
          stored the information about installed products in  the
          Windows  registry,  LiveUpdate  1.6  now  stores   this
          information in a product catalog file.  In the  upgrade
          process,LiveUpdate  1.6 migrates the  information  from
          the  Windows registry to the product catalog file.   If
          LiveUpdate  1.6  did not install correctly, or  if  the
          product information was not imported correctly into the
          product catalog file, LiveUpdate will not recognize any
          of  the Norton AntiVirus definition updates or  program
          updates.   Norton AntiVirus does have a simple  way  to
          correct this problem by registering itself with LiveUp-
          date.   For  more  information about  how  to  register
          Norton  AntiVirus with LiveUpdate, point  your  browser

          The  latest  build of LiveUpdate is version  1.63.   To
          check your version of LiveUpdate,open Windows  Explorer
          and navigate to the file \Program  Files\Symantec\Live-
          Update\Luall.exe.   Right-click the Luall.exe file  and
          then  click  properties.  Click the Version  tab.   The
          file version appears near the top of the window.

          For  a list of changes made to LiveUpdate 1.6  and  in-

          structions  on  how to upgrade to version  1.63,  point
          your browser to:


      7.   Feedback

          Do  you have feedback that can help us  provide  better
          products  or services? If so, we would really  like  to
          hear from you.  Please visit Symantec's suggestion  box
          at the following Web site and let us know what you  are

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