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Friday October 6 4:19 PM ET
Ventura Spends Night at White House

By FREDERIC J. FROMMER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura spent a night at the White
House, staying up with President Clinton until 4 a.m. talking about cigars.

         Ventura was in Washington on Thursday and testified before
Congress on international trade,
[what-the-hell does HE know about international trade?!?]
         then gave a speech at Georgetown University. As he prepared to
spend a ``quiet night'' in his hotel room, he got an invitation from the
White House.

         ``So I slept in the White House last night - the Lincoln Bedroom -
and it didn't cost me a dime,'' he said, making light of the fund-raising
controversy involving the Clintons letting some major donors sleep in the

         ``I didn't contribute anything, just had great conversation with
the president. We were up 'til four in the morning. He's a night owl.''

         The White House confirmed Ventura was a guest but declined to
provide any details, calling it ``private time.''

         ``We talked about cigars,'' Ventura said. ``He has a good
collection in his office. ... It is kind of fun to hang out with the

         The governor said he and Clinton also watched a tape of Ventura's
Georgetown speech on C-SPAN. ``He was most interested in what the kids
asked me,'' Ventura told listened to his weekly radio show, which was
broadcast Friday from a Georgetown restaurant.

         Ventura has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate.
He has denied any interest in the job, but intimated the overnight
accommodations may make him reconsider. ``I could hang out there for a year
or two, or three or four. ... I could live there,'' Ventura said.

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