Woman Claims Permanent Scarring ...

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Mon Oct 9 19:08:58 MDT 2000

... from a hot pickle slice on a MacDonalds hamburger that falls on her
chin.  Woman sues MacDonalds for $110,000, claiming pain, suffering and
permanent scarring because the pickle slice was too hot.  Plaintiffs
lawyer said that the hamburger was defective due to the temperature of
the pickle.  Her husband is suing MacDonalds for $15,000 claiming ever
since the injury, his wife won't give him sex (are we talking about a
Clinton form of sex?).

Can you say "ridiculous"?  How could just the pickle be hot enough to
burn the plaintiff's chin and the rest of the hamburger was alright?  Me
thinks there was a money hungry lawyer involved in this.

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