Terrorists Strike USS COLE

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Oct 12 19:17:28 MDT 2000

Yeah, you're right Dan, I probably did go a tad bit overboard
<grin>....just turn them into a sand parking lot (oh great, there I did
it again).  Allah will get me for that!

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 17:58:49 -0700 Daniel Bobke <dbobke at HOME.COM> writes:
> Richard:
> I do not think the US needs to "declare war" on a country based on
> one act of
> terrorism.  A bit of an over-reaction, I would think.  However, we
> should be
> tenacious in tracking down and prosecuting those responsible for the
> deaths
> and injuries of the US sailors.  We should also be on guard for any
> additional attacks, especially in that region of the world.
> I mean, c'mon - we could annihilate Yemen with approximately 1.5
> missiles....
> Dan Bobke
> Richard A Whitenight wrote:
> > If the US is able to determine who committed this gutless act,
> then the
> > US must declare war against the nation whoever harbored these
> individuals
> > or the country who committed it.  The US needs to "kick ass and
> take
> > names later"!

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