Terrorists Strike USS COLE

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Thu Oct 12 19:51:37 MDT 2000

At 05:58 PM 10/12/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I do not think the US needs to "declare war" on a country based on one act of
>terrorism.  A bit of an over-reaction, I would think.  However, we should be
>tenacious in tracking down and prosecuting those responsible for the deaths
>and injuries of the US sailors.  We should also be on guard for any
>additional attacks, especially in that region of the world.
>I mean, c'mon - we could annihilate Yemen with approximately 1.5 missiles....
>Dan Bobke

The really sad part is that with a properly equipped/manned Navy, we would
have forwardly deployed forces that would include tankers, and we wouldn't
be stopping in places like Yemen for gas.

Stephen Frye

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