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          "But  if the watchman see the sword come, and blow  not
     the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come,
     and take [any] person from among them, the  watchman must be
     taken away in his  iniquity; his blood will I require."
                              -Ezekial 33-6

          "In the last days, good will be called "evil" and  evil
     will  be  called "good"  "They believed the  lie  and  their
     damnation was just" - scripture paraphrased -

                         REALITY CHECK 08-17-00

          By Christopher Goodheart

          "We  have the greatest opportunity the world  has  ever
     seen,  as long as we remain honest -- which will be as  long
     as  we can keep the attention of our people alive.  If  they
     once  become inattentive to public affairs, you and  I,  and
     Congress  and  Assemblies, judges and  governors  would  all
     become wolves." --Thomas Jefferson

          Well  folks, I just heard Al Gore"s acceptance  speech,
     and  tuning  in to the collective  conscience  of  Americans
     (what"s  left  of it), I was impressed that  "the  fix"  may
     indeed,  be in.  Not that"s it"s etched in stone.   And  not
     that  it  matters whether Bush or Gore gets  elected.   They
     both come from power elite families who represent the  glob-
     alist  power elite oligarchies with the same agenda of  CON-
     TROL  of, by and for the power elite public be damned  while
     babied and coddled with false assurance of empty promises.

          So  here are my five "good" reasons why  commie-to-the-
     core Gore will probably be elected:

      1-  Pat  Buchanan  will split the  conservative  vote  with
          Bush,  just as Perot did to get Clinton  elected.   The
          parallels are uncanny.

      2-  "It"s  the economy stupid".   At least  subconsciously,
          there  is  a fear that any change from the  status  quo
          will  rock the boat economically.  History  shows  that
          established leaders during good economies are not  easy
          to  unseat.   Gore plays that card for all  its  worth.
          And  enough people have bought into the cults  of  suc-
          cess,  pleasure,  sex, and  cherished  illusions,  that
          Clinton"s  immorality  is a secondary issue.   It  gets
          token  lip service but the most difficult thing in  the
          world is to remain non-attached to worldly things.  And
          most sheeple have sold out in that regard.

          The  sheeple are largely unaware that it was  Gore  who
          personally  worked with the Western intellectual  elite
          advisors  who  oversaw  the  "democratization"  of  the
          Soviet  economy  that virtually  raped  that  country's
          economic  base,  transferring hundreds of  billions  of
          dollars of assets from state ownership to about a dozen
          Gore-connected  oligarchies  (mob-based/Jew-controlled)
          with  ruthless  extortion and economy  tyranny  tactics
          that  have  devastated  the lifestyle  of  the  Russian
          people  to "Great  Depression" levels.   And  surprise!
          What  the wolves in sheep's clothing have done to  Rus-
          sia, they intend to do to America!

      3-  Something  for nothing - the welfare state.  Of  course
          the wolves among us like Gore promise that his  govern-
          ment  will  foot the bill for more of  the  good  life.
          Sounds  great to the sheeple! The reality is that  gov-
          ernment  as  a  massive growth industry  feeds  on  the
          public, promising to give more while milking the masses
          of their substance like a parasite devouring it"s host.
          Is it true that a vampire will disguise itself and  say
          anything to suck your blood?

          Talk about vampires, consider the deceit and  treachery
          in the creation and expansion of the IRS.  In the  name
          of  "financial fairness", Gore promises to tax the  top
          providers  and give it to the majority if they'll  vote
          for  him.  It's a classic case of turning he  resenters
          against  the  achievers..  while the middle  class  are
          pushed  up against the wall of diminishing  returns  as
          wage slaves.

          In  the name of "better education"; Gore would  provide
          universal   preschool  (conditioning,   like   Hitler"s
          youth),  plus free college for everyone to top off  the
          globalists  social  engineering/mind  control   agenda.
          Studies  have shown that formal education (mental  for-
          matting)  is  indirectly proportional to  common  sense
          (unfettered spirit of truth).  And totalitarian regimes
          know that if they can get to the children, they've  got
          the next generation.  It would be different if it  were
          the Montessori method taught during the early  "absorb-
          ent mind" years.  But fascist Mussolini expelled  Marie
          Montessori from Italy because he knew it taught  child-
          ren HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.  Mechanized
          minds filled with politically correct (PC) thought make
          great  robots for the social engineers to  program  and
          control  with the perks of profit, prestige and  power.
          But  this  PC generation can't think  outside  the  box
          (walls in the mind) to understand that common sense  is
          uncommon BECAUSE the most powerful special interests on
          the  planet have a vested interest in keeping  it  that

          Gore  promises  universal health care,  beginning  with
          children,  to finish Clinton's  (Rockefeller's)  health
          care power grab begun immediately after Slick  Willie's
          first election.  That will complete the "legacy" (deal)
          Clinton originally made with Perot in return for split-
          ting  the  ticket and  getting him elected;  Perot  was
          promised  the government contracts to  computerize  the
          new  "health  care" bureaucracy just  as  his  computer
          company made billions computerizing Medicare and  Medi-
          caid.  Of course, what=

          Gore  calls  "health care" is 97.5% disease  care  with
          only token attention to building health and  preventing
          disease.  The medical-industrial complex is already far
          bigger  than the military-industrial complex ever  was,
          with far more sustained profits via the indirect  cause
          of disease (nutrition-stripped, chemical-laced "food"),

          and  the  direct treatment of disease  with  drugs  for
          whatever ails you.  This makes for a more docile  (sick
          and  tired) and manageable sheeple for population  con-

      --   Gore promises drug free schools and communities  while
           the  CIA  and DIA continues to  smuggle  massive  drug
           quantities into the country as they did into Clinton's
           Arkansas while he was Governor.

      --   Gore promises gun control "to protect the children" so
           he  can  disarm the adults who would  resist  his  New
           World Order (NWO).

      --   At  the same time, Gore promises "free" drugs to  dope
           the  "hyperactive"  kids (labeled ADD) in  school  who
           resist public education's PC-numbing and  dumbing-down
           (breaking  the  spirit) so kids will  accept  the  NWO
           agenda.   --Gore would also promises "free" drugs  for
           the elderly, many of whom are already walking  pharma-
           cies  with  half  their drugs dealing  with  the  side
           effects of the others, until they lose their minds  if
           not  their lives.  (Rockefeller pharmaceutical  cartel
           "makes  a killing" while furthering  their  population
           reduction agenda)

      4-  The  sheeple prefer the BIG LIE of cherished  illusions
          rather than the hard truth of betrayal that intends  to
          devour them.  This is how Gore set up the  positioning,
          packaging  and promoting of "family values",  "God  and
          country",  and  the enduring love of "mom  and  dad"...
          all  as a credible context (the power of love) to  slip
          in  the Big Lie (love of power) that is so BIG  and  so
          bold and so often told that the sheeple believe it:

      *    That  racial favoritism (racism) should be  sanctioned
           as "affirmative action" when it is destructive,  caus-
           ing class conflict.

      *    That  sodomy  and sexual perversions  should  be  rec-
           ognized as a "human right" when it is morally wrong.

      *    That  the killing of unborn children should  be  cham-
           pioned  as "woman "s choice" when it is  actually  the
           choice to murder and NOT a woman's right but  actually
           a satanic (anti-love) rite.

      *    That  a parent's choice for use of their  tax  dollars
           for private school vouchers "will never be allowed".

      5-  THE DEMOCRATS GOT THE LAST WORD! The Republican Conven-
          tion is faded history in the short-term memory banks of
          the sheeple, so the "feel good" pep rally fresh in  the
          minds  of  the sheeple should send the  polls  soaring.
          Since  the sheeple suck up to the boob tube as a  life-
          style   pacifier anyway, Hollywood  scripted  unreality
          has prevailed, and like a war of attrition, the sheeple
          increasingly   succumb  to  mainstream  media   madness
          (politically  correct insanity) that calls evil  "good"
          and  good  "evil", being moved by  sizzle  before  sub-

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