Crude Oil and Presidential Intervention?

Thomas J. Benthall tbenthal at SCHOOLLINK.NET
Fri Oct 13 11:38:32 MDT 2000

Don't expect any govermental freezing of gasoline prices.

Unless the President and his cronies are more economic illiteral than I think  they are,  it ain't
gonna happen.

Gasoline supplies are already  at a low state.   A price freeze would only exacerbate the problem.
Not only that but petroleum derivitives would would also decline in availibility.  This would seriously
affect corporate profits.

Also, this would create a further decline in the GDP.  No president, I think, would risk this
happening at this time.    Especially in light of the fact that the  GDP is already less than what is
reported by the gov't (gov't figures are manipulated).

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