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Monday, October 16, 2000

                  Equal to a piglet

                  In regard to the letter from the Rev. Sredzinski I
                  have a question: When a woman has an abortion,
                  exactly what is she aborting? Is it an adult human
                  being? A child? An infant? None of these. It has
                  never seen the light of the world outside of the
                  mother. It's never heard the clear sounds of the
                  outside world. Its brainpower equals that of a piglet,
                  at best.

                  Anti-choice groups like to talk about "the sanctity of
                  life," and yet we kill millions of living things every
                  day. We have discriminated on what deserves life
                  by asking about what sort of life it is, and this brings
                  out the best judgment in nearly all of us.

                  I think my God appreciates that I make my
                  decisions with full understanding about their
                  consequences, and my God gives women the same

                  It is a difficult thing to know the difference between
                  right and wrong. Our best philosophers have been
                  debating it for thousands of years.

                  Clifton J. Wigtil

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