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Mon Oct 16 19:11:49 MDT 2000

"Though abortion -- including the killing of viable infants at the
verge of birth -- is now a sacrament of the Democratic Party, nobody
admits to being 'pro-abortion'; they are 'pro-choice.' This is an
obvious lie. The right to choose anything presupposes the right to
live. The child, fetus, embryo, or whatever you want to call the
entity growing within its mother's womb has no 'choice' about being
killed. It will never have a choice about anything. The pro-abortion
side is pro-abortion in the same way that advocates of slavery were
pro-slavery. 'Oh,' they protest, 'but we don't insist that everyone
get an abortion; we only want people' -- that is, mothers -- 'to have
a choice!' Then nobody was pro-slavery either, since nobody insisted
that every white man own a slave; they were 'pro-choice.' They wanted
each white man to be 'free' to decide whether to buy slaves; or they
wanted every state to decide whether to permit slavery. Of course they
overlooked the obvious fact that the slaves themselves had no choice;
in their minds this was irrelevant." --Joseph Sobran

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