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          About This Web Site I am so ashamed.

          Most days I don't really think about it.  But sometimes
     (I  never know when) I look in the mirror and realize  I  am
     supposed  to be looking at a father.  On those days,  I  re-
     flexively put my hands over my face.  I am so ashamed.

          Growing up--one day about thirty years ago--I  realized
     that  I would never be able to be the person I wanted to  be
     unless  I could get married and have a family and be a  hus-
     band  and a father.  So I found a woman who was looking  for
     one  man to spend her life with and to raise a family  with,
     and  I married her, and we had children.  I began  to  learn
     what it means to be a father.

          Being  a  father is so important  that  many  Christian
     denominations  like  the Roman Catholics  and  the  Orthodox
     churches  call  their Priests father.   They also  call  the
     women  who have separated themselves to full time  Christian
     service  mother.  These words father and mother are  symbols
     lifted  high  above  most of the other words  in  the  human
     languages  because learning to be a father and a  mother  is
     probably  the most important skill any person on  earth  can
     ever learn.

          I am so ashamed.

          I am so ashamed because I am a Christian.  As a  Chris-
     tian I am supposed to have learned things that other  people
     just don't know.  One of those things has to do with being a

          To a Christian, being a husband and a father is a  way,
     as  the  Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 5,  to  help  people
     understand a "great mystery, namely Christ and the  church."
     In  other words, what we Christians do as husbands  and  fa-
     thers  is  supposed to be done in a way  that  helps  people
     understand the great mystery about Christ and the church.

          I am so ashamed because I know that the essence of what
     I  am supposed to be demonstrating in my role as father  and
     husband  is the demonstration of the true meaning  of  God's

          Oh I am so ashamed.

          God's  love  is totally different from  people's  love.
     For  example, look at people's love.  People's love,  if  it
     exists at all, naturally focuses on those identified as most
     like  themselves,  like their own children.   In  this  way,
     people's  love is just like the natural affection  shown  by
     any  species  to  the offspring within  that  species.   But
     Christian  fathers are supposed to know and show that  God's
     love  is much more than that kind of "natural" love.   God's
     love  is not confined to individuals God recognizes as  like
     Himself,  but  God's love extends to every person  on  earth
     equally.   That  is the difference between  God's  love  and
     people's  love.  And Christians are supposed  to  understand
     God's  love  because that is the kind of love that  was  re-
     vealed in Jesus Christ and is supposed to be revealed in the
     lives  of  the husbands and fathers of those  who  claim  to
     follow Him.

          I am so ashamed.

          God's love, the love of the Heavenly Father, is extend-
     ed to every person, no matter how unlovable or unwanted,  no
     matter how deformed or unclean, no matter how weak or small.
     That  is  the  great mystery I, as a  Christian  father,  am
     supposed to help people understand by the way I carry out my
     role as father.

          So what do I do?  I let myself grow up in a nation  and
     in  a  time where every day that passes I stand  by  and  do
     nothing  meaningful in my role as father but moan and  groan
     and  weep  and  wring my hands and write  endless  reams  of
     apparently  helpless words as thousands of children  created
     by  the Heavenly Father are slaughtered around me.   I  know
     that I create confusion in the minds of young people when  I
     fail to do what a true father is supposed to do.

          I am so ashamed.

          In  fact  I am so ashamed that I complain  to  God  the
     Father about it.  I ask Him why He lets these things contin-
     ue, why I cannot overcome the things that cause me to be  so
     ashamed;  why He will not give me the power, the  resources,
     to  actually  do the things that can be done that  have  the
     power to stop the slaughter of His children around me.   And
     I  get specific in my complaints to God.  I ask Him  why  He
     allows hundreds of millions of dollars to be poured into the
     coffers  of impotent men by people who claim to  serve  Him,
     impotent  men  like Pat Robertson, and Charles  Stanley  and
     Billy Graham and Chuck Colson, and...(with the exception  of
     Father  John Earl, who is a father in deed, add the name  of
     every Christian leader you can think of beginning with  your
     local  Pastor--who  might  not call himself  father  but  is
     supposed to be one just the same--all the way up to the Holy
     Father in Rome who has, like myself, stood by and impotently
     watched--watched  as the Holy Father in Rome watched  during
     the  Second  World  War--as a holocaust  swept  millions  of
     little babies into Satan's relentless and ravenous maw).   I
     complain to God about these things with tears and  supplica-
     tion and all I get in return, all I get as a way to stop the
     horrible  slaughter that is the source of my shame,  is  the
     Web site at

          For  the  web site, at least, I am grateful, but  I  am
     still so ashamed.

          Enter RU486 Registry Neal Horsley  <:nhorsley at>,
     October 2000.

          Neal Horsley
          Carrollton, Ga.

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