"Forgive Me.......I Have Sinned!"

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Thu Oct 19 15:39:04 MDT 2000

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

An About Face After Being Saved by a Gun Owner

Sent in by Brian Clifford, from his Dear Friend

I am one of those people who you loathe. One of those invisible people who
come into your living room without asking your permission. One of those
people who follow you while you shop, and make it harder for you to make
legal purchases. One of those people who try and tell you how to raise your
children, as if you don't know how. One of those who gives ratings to
stations that promote our demise as a free nation. I am your enemy. Or at
least I was.

I followed it all, all of the propaganda, all of the hoopla. Believed it
too. Believed that leaving my house was more dangerous than being in a war.
At any given moment one of you evil gun owners would open fire on me. I saw
the NRA stickers, the Gun owners of America stickers on the cars that
passed, and I thought you were all fools. I did everything in my power
financially to try and help more laws pass that would prevent you from
owning guns. I wholeheartedly believed that only the Police, and Military
should have guns. Every time I heard of a gang shooting, or other criminal
act committed with a gun, I honestly believed that if we could curtail the
legal sale of guns, we could make a difference.

Boy was I wrong.

I have children, three actually, and to me the only thing more important
than raising them properly, was seeing that they aren't hurt in anyway. I
wanted to ban guns, save my children, save all children. No child should
have to be part of any kind of death, especially the kind that involves
being shot. I gave money to all of the anti gun organizations I could think
of, went to the "Million" Mom March, even looked at Rosie when she spoke,
and actually admire her. Brought the kids as well, and even yelled some not
so nice things to those other marchers. I'm sure some of you know who I
refer to.

I was on my way back from the march, on my way back to Connecticut, when I
stopped off of the highway at a rest stop by one of those McDonalds they
have off I-95. By this time I had dropped off two of my kids with their
father, and only had my little one with me. I went into the restroom with
her, and on my way out noticed two men hanging out by my car. There were
only two other cars in the lot at the time that were anywhere near my
vehicle. I immediately felt threatened by their demeanor, but continued on
to my car. The smaller of the two approached me with a knife as I was about
to open the door to put my child in her car seat. He yelled at me to get in
the back of the car, they were taking me for a little ride. I obviously
told them to just take my keys, they could have the car, but they insisted
I get in the back. I then heard a man yelling something I don't quite
recall, and saw him running towards me with a gun in his hand. The two men
vanished into their car, and sped away. I stood there frozen in time, and
by the time the gentleman with the gun got to me I just broke down and cried.

To make a long story short, you were all right, and I'm sorry. This man
with a gun saved me, and I just keep thinking if I had gotten my wish and
guns were banned, there is no telling where I'd be, and what would've
happened to my daughter. The only regret I have is not getting the man's
phone number who saved my life. I thanked him over and over again, and told
him that he saved me, but he calmly said to me something I'd never forget.
He said "That's what people like me are here for Ms., and I'm happy to have
been able to help."

"That's what people like me are here for," those words keep on running
through my head everyday. Maybe this gentleman by some chance is part of
your group, and will read my message. If he does I would just like to say
something to him, and to everyone else reading this note.

Thank you for saving my life, and to the rest of you thank you for fighting
for this man's right to protect me and my child. Tell him for me that I
will no longer be part of the group who invades his home, and tries to tell
him how to store his guns. Tell him I will never be part of any group who
tries to make it impossible for him to buy his tool he used to save me. And
tell him I will never again tell him how to raise his children properly,
because obviously I was oblivious to the fact that responsible people such
as him know how to raise their children better than I do. I did rectify
that situation the other day; I bought a shotgun for home protection, and
am in the process of getting my concealed permit. Next time I will be ready
to defend myself, or others for that matter. Some of my friends think I'm
crazy, but they try their best to understand. I just tell them that as soon
as their child's life is put in jeopardy by some criminal with a weapon
that they will understand, but until then don't tell me how to live my
life. I've lost some friends, but surprisingly most of them understand. If
not for this man I could very easily have been killed or raped, and my
child could've been taken from me, so once more I need to say thanks for
saving me, and with all sincerity to the rest of you, forgive me, for I
have sinned.
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