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> told by AlGore hisself....
>Good afternoon. I'm Al Gore, and I'd like to tell you about myself. I
>know a lot about hardship, because I came into this world as a poor black
>child in a tiny town in the backwoods of Tennessee. I was born in a log
>cabin that I built with my own hands. I taught myself to read by
>candlelight and helped support my 16 brothers and sisters by working
>summers as a deck hand on a Mississippi River steamboat.
>My mother taught me the value of education, so every day I would walk 5
>miles to a one-room schoolhouse. I was a mischievous, fun-loving scamp,
>thought I never dreamed that one-day, my youthful escapades would serve
>as the inspiration for "Huckleberry Finn."
>Back then, black folks in the south were second-class citizens. One day,
>a traveling minister came through town, and I asked him if anyone was
>ever going to do something to guarantee civil rights for all Americans.
>Well, I guess I made an impression. You see, the minister's name was
>Martin Luther King, Jr.
>My father was a United States Senator. He once perched me on his knee and
>said, "Son, if you work hard and listen to your mama, someday you can
>live in a hotel in Washington, D.C., and go to an exclusive prep school."
>But a life of privilege was not for me. After getting my high school
>diploma, I took a job in a hot, dirty textile mill. I was so appalled at
>the treatment of the workers there that I organized a union. Later, that
>experience inspired a movie - which is why, to this day, my close friends
>at the AFL-CIO call me "Norma Rae."
>When word got out what an 18 year old factory worker had done, Harvard
>called and offered me a scholarship. I captained the hockey team to four
>consecutive national championships, but I also played football and was
>good enough to win the Heisman Trophy. During my college years, I lived
>in a housing project and moonlighted playing lead guitar for a little
>rock band. You may have heard of it - the Rolling Stones.
>But there was a war going on, and I felt I had to serve my country. So I
>enlisted in the U. S. Army and went to Vietnam. I was deeply opposed to
>the war, but I did my duty as a soldier and came back home with the Medal
>of Honor and the Croix de Guerre.
>When I got back, I took a long journey across this great land of ours.
>I've crossed the deserts bare, man, I've breathed the mountain air, man,
>I've traveled, I've done my share, man, I've been everywhere. And the
>people I met at truckstops and campgrounds and homeless shelters on that
>journey all said the same thing: "Al, we need you in Washington."
>I knew they were right, but first I had to take care of some other
>business---building the World Trade Center, founding the Audubon Society,
>doing the clinical research that proved smoking caused cancer, and coming
>up with the recipe for Mrs. Field's chocolate chip cookies.
>Finally, I deferred to the demands of the people of Tennessee and allowed
>them to elect me to the House of Representatives and the Senate, where I
>established the US Strategic Oil Reserve. And then one winter day nearly
>eight years ago, for no particular reason, I answered the call of the
>people once again and took the oath of office as Vice President of the
>United States.
>Since then, I've been part of the most successful administration in
>American history. And, in my spare time, I invented the Internet. Many
>times Bill Clinton has been pondering some grave decision and has asked
>me what to do. And when I would give him my thoughts, he would invariable
>say, "Of course. That's brilliant. Why didn't I think of that?" During
>the darkest days of the impeachment battle, the president told me he only
>wished he had listened when I told him to stay away from that dark-haired
>So after I decided to run for president, I sat down with him and asked if
>he had any suggestions about how to conduct my campaign. And Bill Clinton
>gave me a few simple words of advice-words I'll never forget. He looked
>me in the eye and he said, "Al, just tell the truth; it's always worked
>for me."
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