Here we go again

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Thu Oct 19 23:22:17 MDT 2000

True liberals believe that money and good intentions are
the solution to all problems. The only thing they like
more than throwing $3-4 million at a problem is having
to throw another $800 million at it.

In some twisted way I'm sure they view the outrageous
overrun as a good idea that has succeeded beyond their
wildest dreams.  Remember also that it doesn't really
matter if alternative fuel is actually used.  Only their
original good intentions count.

> This year the state of Arizona came up with a great idea to reduce air
> pollution.  The state decided to give subsidies to people who buy vehicles
> that burn alternative fuels such as natural gas or propane.  People who
> buy such a vehicle can get the state to pay half the cost.  That's right
> folks.  I could go and buy a $40,000 SUV, but I would only be out of
> pocket $20,000.  Also I would get as break on registration for the
> vehicle.  Also I would not have to burn propane or natural gas in the
> vehicle.  I could continue to use gasoline in it.  Also if the vehicle
> burned only the alternative fuel, I would get an even bigger check from
> the state.
> Those ignorant a******s in the legislature said they thought this would
> only cost the state 3 or 4 million when they passed this.  Now their
> latest estimate of what this will cost us is $800 million.  The governor
> has called a special session to try to kill this thing.  Old Red should be
> impeached over this.  Also the people in the legislature who passed this
> should be voted out of office.

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