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Sat Oct 21 12:06:31 MDT 2000

Tax Refund Favored Over Funding Federal Programs  Source: Yahoo/Reuters/Zogby

UTICA, N.Y. (Reuters/Zogby) - More than half of all Americans say they
favor Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's tax refund
proposal over that of his Democratic rival Al Gore, a recent Zogby poll shows.

In the nationwide poll of 1,002 adults, 67% of the respondents chose
Bush-Cheney's plan to return tax refunds to those who were overtaxed, while
26.6% chose that of Gore-Lieberman's plan to return that money to the
federal coffers.

Neither position was endorsed by 3.7%, while another 2.6% had no opinion.

An overwhelming number of Republicans (92.2%) approved the Bush-Cheney
position, while nearly half (45.1%) of Democrats and 66.1% of independent
voters also went along with the Republican nominee's view.

Gore's position garnered 46.7% from the Democrats and 24.4% from independents.

Selecting the Bush-Cheney plan were 63.4% of those with less than a high
school education, 66.2% with a high school diploma, 70.2% with some college
and 65.5% with post-college education.

On this issue, even the most traditional Gore-Lieberman supporters sided
with the Republican ticket, as 50.5% of African Americans surveyed agreed
with Bush, as did 56.4% of Hispanics and 70.5% whites.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.2%.
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