carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Sat Oct 21 22:32:04 MDT 2000

          I  am  tired  of seeing people  get  attacked  for
          speaking  the truth and the hecklers  not    being
          able  to  prove their point other  than  scorn  or
          ridicule.   Liberals can't refute the    truth  so
          all  liberals  instead attempt to make  the  truth
          bearer  into a buffoon hoping to   draw  the  pub-
          lic's attention away from the message! I will tell
          you a secret and I hope   that you learn from  it!
          If I hear something being debated pertaining to  a
          subject  that   I am not cognizant  of,  therefore
          impartial, I examine the manner of the debate  and
          conduct.  I know who is telling the truth and  who
          is  lying  by the tactics employed  -    the  liar
          always  attacks the opposing person and the  truth
          teller always attacks the   opposing premise! What
          great  person  or debater has  ever  proven  their
          point  by   ridiculing people? Did Jesus use  this
          method?  Who  has ever used  ridicule  other  than
          those who can't refute the truth, such as what the
          Pharisees did to Jesus? Truth is   never  defended
          with  ridicule.  Facts speak for  themselves.   ~~
          "Doc" Tavish

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