Has This Ever Happened to You?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sat Oct 21 23:05:11 MDT 2000

Tonight (10/21/00) I surfed the web to MapQuest.com.  I'm looking for an
address and after the site shows me the map, I start seeing in the upper
left hand corner of my browser window, a little picture of a w/m and w/f
couple.  This location of this picture changes to what looks like an
advertisement, and then back to more pictures of this same couple.  Not
only is the upper left hand corner of my browser now being controlled by
this picture, but each section of my tool bar on the bottom of my
Windows98 starts getting these little rectangles of what appears to be
the top of the same picture I had in the upper left hand corner of my
screen.  I've never seen this happen before until this evening when I
went to that web site.  In order to get rid of what appears to be a
virus, it was necessary for me to shut down my computer and then reboot.
This cleared it up.  I then scanned my disk using Fsave and there was no
virus present on the hard drive.  Could this quasi virus have come from
the web site?  Has anyone seen this before?

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