NJ Demz Say "No" To Declaration....

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>You know, I think these are wonderful words, and I believe with all
>my heart they are God's own desire.  But I have never been able to
>reconcile them with a nation that endorsed slavery for even one
>microsecond.  And based on that, I believe there is hypocrisy in
>every one of us.

Sorry but I refuse to be damned by the sins of people that have been
dead for over 100 years. I have traced my ancestry back to 1510 and
none of my ancestors owned slaves. I am resent you calling me a
hyprocrite based on that.

That having said that your accusation of the founders is a half
truth. There was indeed significant debate about slavery in 1776.
Jefferson vowed to release his slaves however there was a more
serious problem to be addressed. If there was to be a war the
agricultural economy of the the south was essential to its success.
The southern colonies knew if they gave up slavery their ecomony and
the revolution would be doomed. That is not to say the reasons for
retaining slavery were all altruistic but those that favored it took
advantage of the fact that it was a necessary evil. At the same time
the only way this country could have been started is if there was
unanimous agreement. Those two things combined forced the founders to
defer the slavery issue until later. Unfortunately it took 100 years
more for that to happen. The point being that had your view of
slavery been the predominant one at that time there would be no USA
and slavery might well have lasted much longer. Remember, except for
one South American country, the US was the first in the world to free
its slaves and the ONLY country to go to war in opposition of

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