NJ Demz Say "No" To Declaration....

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At 07:32 PM 10/23/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I never tried to lay any guilt on you.  I simply believe that a
>portion of the stand taken by the authors of the Declaration of
>Independence was hypocritical.

Nope, that is not what you said originally. You used the inclusive
"us" when you referenced hyprocrites and I could only that that to
include me.

>Dennis, no one needs to foment racism.  It is alive and well in the
>United States - and not just affirmative action.  I wish I could say
>that racism is anecdotal, but it isn't.  My son drove through a part
>of this country with a fellow soldier and found out what racism
>really is.  He knows first hand that racism is not dead.  I see it
>all the time.

I never said it was dead. However. the very act of fomenting it not
only provides the false impression that it is much worse then it
really is but also perpetuates it in and of itself.

>Like you, I didn't own slaves.  Like you, neither did my ancestors.
>But there exists an overwhelming history of racism in this country
>that has a long ways to go before it is overcome.  That same racism
>existed before, during, and after the authoring of the Declaration
>of Independence and the Constitution.  I think the words in those
>documents are wonderful.  I think the ideals are above reproach.
>But the authors wrote of these ideals for which they were willing to
>go to war, while they turned a blind eye on those for whom they
>refused the same consideration.  I see a lot of
>hypocrisy there for us - not as individuals - but as a nation.

Then don't use the inclusive "us". If you wish to say "some" or "too
many" we would be in agreement.

>I don't know what the answer is.  I wish to Almighty God that I did.
> What I do know is that it is going to take each and every one of us
>- of all races and nationalities - to struggle to overcome the
>racism that still exists in this wonderful country.

The answer does not lie in using a wide brush to paint everyone the
same. Pick out the true racists and condemn them. By a blanket
condemnation of both the guilty and the innocent you provide
anonynmity to the guilty and create resentment among the
innocent.Those that do this become part of the problem rather then
the solution. This is exactly how the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al
Sharpton, Louis Farrakahn, ad nausium feather their own nests with
wealth and power.

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