NJ Demz Say "No" To Declaration....

Charlie Darling csdarling at SNET.NET
Tue Oct 24 19:37:27 MDT 2000

Actually I AM saying that's how the liberals would rationalize it if the
F.F's were THEIR boys...

After all, it's what they use to excuse dozens of things I find as just
repugnant as slavery and - oh my!  so much more "au current" !

>>There is ALSO a case here of "hypocracy with hindsight" here - Why aren't
>>we bleating the liberal refrain here about "The way they were RAISED" and "
>>The SocIety they LIved In! "  - that for the founding fathers to step
>>outside their cultural surroundings and DESIGN A COUNTRY where slavery
>>COULD BE abolished - is a feat most people today fail to grasp....Charlie...
>I am really not clear what you are saying here.  Are you saying that the
>founding fathers were constrained in their writings and ideals by their
>cultural surroundings?

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