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Thu Oct 26 06:55:33 MDT 2000

safrye at writes:
>I keep hearing Al Gore refer tot he fact that he will not create one more
>federal job - thus he is reducing, or at least maintaining, the size of
>Am I missing something?  Isn't there a lot more to the size of government
>than simply the number of employees?  When I hear the term big government,
>the first thought that comes to my mind is the intrusion of the government
>into our lives, the huge abuse of power, and the squashing of the
>individual - not the number of employees.
>Stephen Frye

Al Gore neglects to mention people who are not government employees, yet
work for the government.  According to Gore's logic, if he contracts out
work to outside firms, he has shrunk the size of government by that
amount.  He also treats the military as "government" employees.  So as
most portions of the government grew in the 90s, they were offset by
declines in the military.

And when the Federal government passes a law, such as recently with
dropping the blood alcohol level for drunk driving, and coerces states to
follow, the Feds essentially supersedes the states ability to remain
autonomous, thereby making them part of the federal establishment.

Gore's statement is misleading and deceitful.

Gary Freitag
gfreitag at

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