John Hammes economic at ATHENA.CSDCO.COM
Sat Oct 28 12:36:14 MDT 2000

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, Jim wrote:

> John it's sad that your mom has fallen for the Barbara
> Striesand.  Hopefully she will have the chance to see W elected and see
> that none of the Democrat B.S. was true.


I hope she'll see that, too.  But like everyone else, she has the right to
believe what she wants to.  The more you try to change someone's mind, the
more it stays the same.  Liberals are proof of that.  I intend to point
out some things to her during Bush's term, though...some of which she'll
not be able to ignore.  She's a very reasonable and logical person at
times.  :)

John Hammes

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