Megan's law on 60 minutes

Daniel Bobke dbobke at HOME.COM
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There are so many aspects to this one.  Any crime other than child
molestation and I would say "leave the guy alone".  But it is well-known
that child molesters are rarely cured and have a very high recidivism rate.
While I don't think he should have his life threatened or his personal
property destroyed.

If the law is structured as you say, it is ridiculous.  Whoever wrote it
that way has no understanding of human nature.  The problem is really what
to do.  Unless the laws are changed to incarcerate these people for the rest
of their lives, they have to live somewhere after they get out.

I will throw it out there...What do we do?

Dan Bobke

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Tonight on 60 minutes they had a segment on Megan's law.  That's the New
Jersey law copied nationwide that allows for public notification of sex
offenders.  They mentioned how the New Jersey law says that only certain
people are supposed to know about the location of convicted sex
offenders.  The law says that the people alerted to the presence of a sex
offender are not supposed to tell anyone.

They then mentioned how the sex offenders are being harassed by their
neighbors.  They featured one monster who was convicted of raping a 7 year
old.  They told about how the poor sex offender's house was set on fire,
but didn't burn down.  His live in girlfriend was crying when he was
talking about how the mean neighbors threaten him while he's out
jogging.  He told how when he's out jogging that neighbors drive by and
threaten his life.

The way I see it, these people don't have any right to privacy.  The world
should be told where they live and what they did.  The perverts don't
deserve to live.

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