Gore and Special Interest Groups

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Mon Oct 30 11:59:27 MST 2000

Gore spoke during a rally in Wisconsin today about making sure that big
interest groups don't control our nation.  Somewhere I seem to remember
that organized crime (sorry, make that organized labor) is backing the
Gore-Lieberman team.  Am I missing something here?  Isn't organized labor
(i.e. unions) a special interest group?  Is it just me that feels that
Joe Lieberman sounds like a alcoholic on the morning after?  Gore wants
senior citizens to believe that Bush is in favor of higher prescription
rates, when in fact no one would be stupid enough to believe in higher
prescription rates that would directly involve potential voters.  Thank
goodness in eight days we have the chance to change the direction of our
government and vote out the corrupted Clinton-Gore administration.  Make
a special point to get out the vote and let everyone you know that it's
important to vote and not let someone else make your decision for you.

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