Car Dealers Fleecing Minorities?

Sue suerojas at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Oct 30 21:27:00 MST 2000

We saw this same premise about a year ago between men and women and a
salesman.  I guess this means one thing. Salesmen are scum.  ;o)
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From: "Richard A Whitenight" <rum.runner at JUNO.COM>
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 12:34 PM
Subject: Car Dealers Fleecing Minorities?

> It appears that some car dealers are telling potential minority car
> buyers one thing and delivering another thing when it comes to percentage
> rates on new or used cars.  CBS 60 MInutes uncovered evidence that car
> dealers are saying one percentage rate to the customer, but in reality
> are working with the companies who provide the loans to increase the
> annual percentage rate and split the difference between the two and both
> sides keep the extra income.  There was evidence that two African
> American females were taken advantage of by this method and only after
> they signed the contract, and started paying for their car did they
> realize the fine print, that the APR on their loan was higher, that they
> were paying more for the car than they realized.  These particular
> examples appeared to have been taken from experiences with used car
> dealers and not so much with the major new car dealers.

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