NAACP Sinks to All Time Low!

Charlie Darling csdarling at SNET.NET
Tue Oct 31 04:14:32 MST 2000

Can they still USE her to bash Bush on his <<!GASP!!!>>! maintainance of
the death penalty as an option for civilized society?  "And then, when Bush
let my father's killers be executed it was like he dies still another time
! ! "

Amazing - Orgy-ized Labor - Knee Breakers - working with KneeKap!

For the body workers on th elist - what kind of truck ?

At 10:24 PM 10/30/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>The NAACP has come out with an ad striking against George Bush, using the
>Byrd dragging death in Jasper, Texas as their poster boy.  The ad shows a
>trunk dragging a chain behind it and the voice over of Byrd's daughter
>stating that when Bush failed to pass a hate law bill, it was like her
>father died all over again.  Whoever in the NAACP decided on this type of
>ad campaign is lower than pond scum.  This type of ad lowers African
>Americans in absentia.  This ad is just one of the reasons why racism
>will remain healthy in the USA.

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