Brokenjaw and my predictions

Rob Loach deloges at JUNO.COM
Tue Oct 31 17:12:30 MST 2000

Watching the Evening News with Tom Brokenjaw was both entertaining and
irritating last night. It's almost humorous to see how obviously worried
the media are that Gore might actually lose, and it's irritating to see
how unashamedly biased their reporting is -- I was wondering if the
Gore-Lieberman campaign had to pay for 15 or 20 minutes of time last
night on that show! They could report absolutely *nothing* that Bush has
been doing without trying to make him look inept or outrageous. For
instantce, when they reported that he was spending 2.5 million dollars (I
*think* that's the figure) campaigning in California, they were basically
impugning him for wasting all that money. Like he's not supposed to
campaign for votes there, or like he's responsible to them for how he
spends his campaign funds!

Here's from the pundit in me ... tell me if you agree or disagree....

I predict that Bush will win, that Repubs will hold on to a narrow lead
in both the Senate and House, and that HILLARY! will win in NY (can you
believe the idiots up there?!) During the next four years, the Repubs
will do basically nothing of substance with their majority and
leadership, caving again and again to the whining liberal Dems (and
liberal Repubs), throwing away their opportunities and also the already
waning confidence of the electorate. HILLARY! will divorce the other
creep for yet more new or previously uncovered peccadillos and will make
a run for the White House in 2004 as HILLARY! Rodham, and she may
actually stand a chance of winning since the Repub base will be fed up
with the whole mess by that time, and America will get exactly what it
probably deserves! It will then be open season on all conservatives, and
we will go irreversibly down the road to socialism and liberalism

A sad scenario, but I would not be surprised if that is exactly what we
see played out.

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