*How* Can This Be?!?

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The child protectors don't want "second opinions." They rely on their own
medical expertise even though they have none. Acting precipitously is their

"It's not about guns. It's about self defense."
Anti-self defense laws KILL.
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"Ohio's concealed weapons law is flawed because it does not
distinguish between criminals and [honest] people who carry guns
for their own protection." (Judge Thomas Crush in Cincinnati,
when throwing out a "concealed weapons charge" against pizza driver
Patrick Feeley)

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Controlling the very terms
Used in the debate. Lavrenti Beria (Stalin's Chief of Secret
Police), said: "If you can control the language of the people,
you can control the people."


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>Medical errors dont invilve lies.  Before kidnapping the child get a
>second opinion from a weight specialist.
>Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM>
> >That seeming hyprocrasy was not lost on me either. Would anyone have
> >objected if this girl had visible signs of being beaten? A 3 year
> >old, that weighs as much as Cindy Crawford cannot help but be cause
> >for concern. If the Dr. says it is not glandular then there is only
> >one other conclusion. The Dr. has no stake in the matter so why would
> >the Dr. lie? The parents, on the other hand, have plenty of reason to
> >lie.
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