Presidential Comparison

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Major Scandal during their presidency....
     Nixon: Watergate
     Clinton: Waterbed

The President's biggest fear....
     Nixon:  The Cold War
     Clinton:  The Cold Sore

Complaints toward the President...
     Nixon:  Carpet-Bombing
     Clinton:  Carpet-Burns

Their Vice-Presidents...
     Nixon:  His was Greek
     Clinton: His is a Geek.

Presidential qualities...
     Nixon: Couldn't stop Kissinger.
     Clinton: Couldn't stop kissing her.

Things the President couldn't explain....
     Nixon:  The missing 18-minutes on the tapes
     Clinton:  The 36D bra in his briefcase

Presidential Nicknames....
     Nixon: Tricky Dick
     Clinton: Slick Willy

And finally, Presidential excuses....
     Nixon: I am not a crook
     Clinton: I didn't get in her nook

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