Get Too Heavy, Lose Your Rights?

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But you can't do that. The "Good Samaritan" laws are all about. They protect
them from suits for "reporting" even if they tell a lie for their own gain.
That's another of the things that frost me. They can just call up and make a
"report" that will ruin people's lives, and there is no penalty if they do
it for nefarious purposes. You can't sue either the doctor OR the worker
unless they do something REALLY stupid and "outside of policy." ("Outside of
policy" is when they get the agency in big trouble and need to be

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>Subject: Re: Get Too Heavy, Lose Your Rights?
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>Ray Thomas <raythomas101 at HOTMAIL.COM>
> >Come on now, Carl. If they allowed that they wouldn't be the ones
> >making all the decisions.
>so.  Sue the doctor for faulty diagnosis and make him prove he did
>absoluteally all tests necessary to eliminate the possibility of any
>known disease or glandular condition.  Make the servent of CPS pay and
>the next one will be more likely to hold off until he has more proof.  If
>the courts block action then extra legal means become necessary including
>but not limited to armed rescue of the child.
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