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                         Ship Of Fools
                         by John Quayle (c) 2000

         Friends, it's long been high time to admit we, as a country, were
snookered by the so-called "fall of communism" that occured with the
disassembly of the Berlin Wall. The fact of the matter is and has been,
that communism is still very much alive and well.

         One great and ugly fact is that the seeds of communism on a
world-wide scale, are growing in this country. We have the United Nations
housed in New York City. Also in the Big Apple, one can find The Pratt
House, where the "Council On Foreign Relations" is headquartered. If one
would dig through a little 20th century history, one will undoubtedly find
mention of a body of men called "The League Of Nations". Where the "League"
failed, both the U.N. and the C.F.R. carry on. Additionally, there is also
an assemblage of similarly-minded rapscallions that are known as "The
Tri-Lateral Commission". This unholy alliance was founded in 1973 by Jimmy
Carter, Zbignew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, among others.
Such groups called themselves "think-tanks", but they are
master-conspirators and masterful at controlling the economy, the media,
party politics and even what we, as a nation, thinks.

         Let's take for example, the environment. The environment is always
big news. During the summer of 2000, we have been bombarded by stories
about "global warming", drought, world population and the like. Admittedly,
much of the nation has baked during the months of summer. But, that's
typical of the season, for crying out loud! Here in the northeast, our
summer has been much cooler and wetter than normal. In mid-August, for
example, there was entire week of daytime high temperatures in the upper
60s! August is traditionally, the hottest month of the year! Global
warming? Hah! let's see some!

         Environmental issues are one of the keys to total control being
sought by the elites. In 1989, CFR member George F. Kennan opined in the
Washington Post: "The great enemy is not the Soviet Union, but the rapid
deterioration of our planet as a supporting structure for civilized life."
The following year, another CFR yo-yo, Michael Oppenheimer wrote in the
New York Times: "As the cold war recedes, the environment is becoming the
number one international security concern." Still, another year later,
CFR's Lester Brown, head of the Worldwatch Institute, stated flatly: "The
battle to save the planet will replace the battle over ideology as the
organizing theme of the new world order."

         Still not convinced? In 1992, Mikhail Gorbachev - supposedly a
"reformed, ex-communist" - stated: "The prospect of catastrophic climatic
changes, more frequent floods, hunger, epidemics, national-ethnic conflicts
and other similar catastrophes compels governments to adopt a world
perspective seek generally applicable solutions." Gorby, it should be noted
- much like Al Gore, is championing a "green agenda". He was praised by New
York Times senior columnist Flora Lewis - yet another CFR member, for
"developing a global plan of environmental conduct".

         Two things emerge. First, what's the fastest means of controlling
human behavior? Create a catastrophe. It doesn't have to be real, but
perception is reality, right? The easy way to accomplish such an occurrence
is to parade in front of the media with the same negative
drumbeat. Secondly, mankind has been faced with famines, wars/conflicts,
floods and so on, since the dawn of time. What makes this day and age such
a compelling one to insist on actions to prevent any re-occurrence? Also,
what spiritual/Divine messages, or insight have these morons been given,
that would make them recklessly predict any increase in disasters?
What matter in existence today, makes this time so dangerous,
environmentally? There is nothing new under the sun. However, we can guess
what really drives such talk. What lies at the heart of all of these
issues? One thing: freedom!

         Freedom enables mankind to feed a neighbor, to teach them how to
fend for themselves. In the Bible, it tells us that to give a man a fish
and you've fed him a meal. But, teach him how to fish and you've fed him
for life. No government subsidy has ever taught mankind how to do anything,
but rely on the largess of another. When someone relies on your good
nature, you have control over that person - like it, or not. Also - like
it, or not - there are a certain number of human beings who simply lack
ethics and religious principles, making them perfect manipulators.
Unfortunately, such people usually find their way into politics, by hook,
or by crook.

         Freedom enables us all to learn how to react in the face of
catastrophic occurrences. Was there any federal organization like FEMA
during the days of Lincoln, Jefferson, or Washington? That's an easy one -
hell no!

         Freedom enables mankind to combat negative environmental
influences with the free market. Does anyone now believe that clear-cutting
destroys forestry? If you do, you are foolish beyond words! Clear-cutting
enables wildfires to be isolated to specific areas, rather than allowing
dense growth to fuel fires to spread to adjoining counties and states, as
they have in the western portion of the United States.

         Does this mean that everyone who has jumped aboard the
environmental movement train is a communist? Of course not!
Environmentalism is simply a means to an end. The end is control. In the
battle, there are what Karl Marx used to refer to as "useful idiots". These
people are either manipulated in thought, or they are opportunists, who see
only the chance to leave some sort of historical legacy, whether good, or
bad. Let's face it, the thought of being mentioned down through history
just excites the senses of some. Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky
and Josef Stalin arguably all fall into this category. Were any of these
men exceptionally wealthy? No. They all had their hands out to others of
greater wealth and power. They all danced to their own puppetmasters' fancy.

         Control simply prevents the encroachment of the common man upon
the wealth and power of those so fortunate to have been born into it.
Communism is the greatest tool of control. It is equal to the Divine Right
of Kings. Communism is alive and very healthy. Beware the hands that guide
this ship of fools.
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