AOL - Can You Say "Sensorship", everybody??

Jim Nantz jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Wed Sep 6 00:59:12 MDT 2000

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No, but I can say Censorship.

Aol has the right to limit what's transmitted along their network.  However
an AOL user has the right to change to another internet provider if that
user does not like AOL's policies.  There are dozens of reasons why I don't
like AOL and this is one of  them.

It sounds like censorship to me.  AOL may be the only 800 pound gorilla,
but there are thousands of smaller ISPs out there.  Any large city should
have a few dozen to choose from.  I used to live in a small town near
Phoenix.  Wickenburg has maybe 6 or 8 thousand people.  It is a long
distance call from there to Phoenix, but there are at least two ISPs that
have local numbers in Wickenburg.

So if you don't like AOL you have the right to find another ISP.  That's
the beauty of the free enterprise system.

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