You (We) Ain't Seen Nothin', Yet!

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Thu Sep 7 10:16:51 MDT 2000

                          YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET ..

That, my friends, is the very last line of the official Platform of the
Democratic Party.  "Now, we say to America ..  you ain't seen nothing yet.

Here we have the Democrats touting their so-called "accomplishments" of the
past eight years, and telling us ".  you ain't seen nothing yet."

You know, you sit down, and you think about that line for a few
nano-seconds, and you start to get a little worried!  .

Oh, you're not worried?  Well, then, you're just not paying attention.

Look at this wonderful closing the Platform of the Democratic party this
way, and see if your serenity starts to crumble ....

During the past seven, and one-half years .........

We've seen:
1) the president's "wife" try to nationalize 17% of the private economy
through her heavy-handed plan for socialized medicine.

2) major Democratic campaign contributors sell, and transfer vital American
nuclear, missile, and satellite technology to avowed enemies of freedom,
and of the United States.

3) wholesale violations of basic campaign finance laws.  Then we saw
the  Democrats, and the Clintonistas engage in a concerted effort to make
sure that none of these campaign finance law violations were subject to a
serious criminal investigation.

4) five members of Clinton's Cabinet come under criminal investigation.

5) 33 connected to the Clinton administration convicted of crimes.

6) the Lincoln bedroom in the White House turned into a high-priced
five-star hotel almost 600 times  with the basic rate being a huge campaign
donation to the Democrats.

7) seats on government overseas trade missions sold to the highest bidders
--- sold for campaign donations.

8) a president dropping his trousers in the Oval Office to receive oral
sexual favors from an intern barely older than his daughter.

9)the president grope, and fondle a woman who came to him for help in
securing a White House job --- wrapping up the sordid episode by taking her
hand, and forcing it into his crotch.

10) 45 witnesses in criminal investigations or critics of the Clinton
administration subjected to IRS audits.

11) five women who were said to have been associated with Bill Clinton
complain publicly of physical threats having been made against them.

12) Hillary Clinton issue a 42 paragraph sworn statement to a House
investigating committee investigating Clinton wrong doings ... and in those
42 paragraphs we saw Hillary use the phrase "I don't recall" or its
equivalent no less than 50 times.

13) Bill Clinton say "I don't recall" or its equivalent in portions of his
testimony about Paula Jones 271 times.  And when it comes to failed
memories, we've seen other Clinton administration friends, and officials
say the words "I don't recall" or its equivalent a total of 6,125 times
before various investigating committees for a grand forgetfulness average
of 235 times per person.

         In other words ..we've seen the most forgetful group of political
operatives in the history of this country.

We've seen:
1) a president lie under oath - several times.

2) a president use the powers of his office to obstruct justice and to deny
a private American citizen her constitutionally guaranteed right to a day
in court.

3) American servicemen scattered to nearly 100 foreign nations to serve as
glorified cops. Really necessary...Where are the other"developed" nations?

4) aspirin factories in foreign countries bombed to divert attention from
presidential scandals.

5) the bodies of dead American servicemen dragged through the streets of
half-assed inconsequential foreign dog-patch nations. And get away with it!
No consequences.

6) a president agonize over what the definition of "is" is.

7) a president refuse to personally respond to a very credible accusation
of a violent rape.

8) almost one thousand confidential FBI files of those not friendly to the
president's political agenda gathered by former bar bouncers working in
White House security positions --- with absolutely no consequences.

in 1996 as the Democrats rushed to naturalize tens of thousands of illegal
aliens in time for them to vote Democratic in the election, and, in the
process, including thousands of violent felons ... all for a few votes.

We've seen all of this  and we've seen so much more.  All of this...and the
Democrats are telling us "you ain't seen nothing yet?"

If they're right, we need to run like hell, and never look back. But to where?

Think about it when you enter that polling booth in November!

                Semper Fidelis
            Death Before Dishonor
Raymond "MIKE" Clausen, Jr._MOH_31 Jan '70
POB 991 Ponchatoula, LA. 70454
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