Bank on Greed

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Sep 7 11:19:04 MDT 2000

                 Bank on Greed

   As the present presidential campaign moves
into its final stages, the sole underlying
factor that will go a long way in selecting
the victor is the "greed" of the voter.

   The subject of Military Preparedness which 
once occupied the "front and center" of 
political debate appears to be of little 
consequence to a majority of voters.

   Any criticism of our lack of military strength 
is demagouged by Vice-President Gore as an attack 
on our military personnel, who are the ones 
"crying in the wilderness" of failed civil and 
military leadership. A Colonel Hackworth talking 
to hundreds of those military personnel reports 
of the sad conditions they face in trying to 
serve there country. An officer resigning his 
commission said "... My decision to leave the 
Army stems from my refusal to live the 'readiness 
lie' portrayed by the nation's top leaders."

    The voters do not appear to understand 
(or care?) during these days of peace.  The 
significance of such failure in "hurting" our 
ability to respond to nation threatening 
situations falls on "deaf ears."

   Enter that all consuming political factor of
"greed" or "What's in it for me?" voter attitude.
Whichever candidate can give them more "free"
social benefits, he's got their vote.  They 
willingly live the delusional "lie" that its 
the other guy who'll pay for the V.P.'s grandiose
programs.  Or as Mr.Gore frames the situation in 
his best "Marxist" view of our society, make the 
"powerful" pay for their avarice.

   The obliging "victims" of this political thrust
never seem to entertain the reality that the
tax on their hard earned dollar is the ultimate
source of the V.P.'s extremely costly proposals.
Their right to keep most of their paycheck remains 
a moot point in today's political debate. 

   Unless or until they recognize that real cost 
of their "greed" for Mr.Gore's promised "freebies", 
he'll win the debate hands down.  And should 
Mr. Bush try to promise more, the V.P. will "up the 
ante" in a "New York minute."
   Kenneth E. Wyman
"One must fight if only to have fought according to 
one's conscience" 
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