Is it just me ...

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Sep 7 19:27:05 MDT 2000

... or do telemarketing firms employ some of the most ignorant sounding
individuals to do their calling?  Is it just because they don't pay high
wages or just don't care whether their employees come off as sounding
professional?  I don't mind if they mispronounce my name, but please hire
someone who doesn't speak with a thick accent and obviously has no
comprehension on how to speak English!  I don't believe it's necessary to
understand or speak Arabic or an African dialect to order a hamburger
from Jack in the Box.  Is there nothing sacred in this country?  Have you
noticed that most of the motels are owned or managed by individuals from
India or Pakistan?  Do you remember the time when one could purchase a
company without having to worry about a foreign national paying with

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